Clean Water is So Important

It is a sad reality that a lot of charity organizations are actually scam organizations. They will collect donations from individuals and companies, and then use the majority of that as overhead and administrative costs. What is the use of donating 20 dollars if only one makes it to the people it is intended for. That is why it is so important to research any charity organization before you donate to it. There are online sites that will help you discern which charities are to help people get resources they need and which are to help administrators get richer.

One charity that helps people is Charity Water. They collect donations in order to give fresh drinking water to people who have no other access to it.

I Do It All the Time

When I’m trying to get a song out there, I go to They let me skip the process of getting people to listen to my song. It gets it right up there on the top chart and that brings in more people to listen to it and I hope that the music is good enough for them to stick around. I have done this a lot. Every single time it has some success, but the long term effects are almost entirely dependent on how good the song that I produce is. If it is a bad song that was never meant to make it, then it will fail anyways, but if it’s a good song that just needed the exposure then that is exactly what it gets and I really appreciate that they offer this service to us for such a cheap fee.

In reality the money that I make off of the ads that play before and after my song far out paces the cost of buying the plays so I really enjoy doing it. I have profited off of every single song that I have used this service on, so in my eyes there really is no risk to it. Of course if you produce sub par music then any amount of plays will not help get you off the ground. I have used these guys to build a pretty solid follower base and now when I realease a new single I don’t need them. The follower base does that job for me and I absolutely love it. So this is not the service for you if you’re already well established but if you’re on your way up and you just need a little boost then I definitely recommend that you give these guys a shot because they really do work miracles.

Exotic Locations at Our Fingertips

I’ve been apartment browsing in Singapore lately trying to find the perfect place for my girlfriend and I. We’re here on student Visas which means that we were going to have to find something pretty quick. A friend of mine told us about JJH boutique apartments – absurdly quaint and cute little spaces that my girlfriend instantly fell in love. I know that look on her face well enough by now to know that this was going to be the apartment we would get and I pretty much didn’t have a say in the matter. Not that I cared since I’m happy as long as we’re together.

Our life together may not have been long but we’ve shared in experiences that I have never had with anyone else.

We Started Making Our Video

We sort of improvised the video that we made. I saw this gadget for sale, it was called a selfie stick for Android and it was sort of a silly idea in my opinion. Of course some people care a lot more about taking selfies than I do. I was just thinking about how I could apply it to this idea that we had. So me and Ian rigged up several improvised contraptions which did close to the same thing. I got some gaffer’s tape and taped a little terabyte hard drive the microphone stand. We used the microphone stands to hold the smart phones that we used. Of course the trick was to take all of the raw footage and sync it up to the music and edit it into a movie of sorts. That is one of the real key concepts in making a movie and it took us a week of work before we got to a product that we were happy with.

In essence it is just a performance. The music you hear is a life unedited and unaltered song.

Manchester City staged a final madness mad signed into five Premier League crown in Europe

Manchester City staged a “final madness” mad signed into five Premier League crown in Europe

European summer transfer window closed yesterday morning Beijing time, Manchester City again showing strong purchasing power, signed a five reinforcements, the biggest buyer of the transfer deadline arrives.

last season as Premiership champions, Manchester City transfer market this year, but did not become a leader who looked at city rivals Manchester United to sign Van Persie, Mancini was disgruntled. However, before the window closes on the last day, but it turned blue moon madness mode to pounds to buy Benfica midfielder Javi Garcia replaced De Jong, acquired ar-old Serbian striker Tower. Milicic, Youyi